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Stone & Decor are Stonemasons Serving Edinburgh, and Bath. We take care of all your Conservation & Stone Repair needs and use lime and traditional methods. We build new build projects and also offer full services in Eco Decorating.

Stonemasonry Services


  • Conservation
  • Restoration
  • Stone wall Repairs
  • Ashlar Stonework
  • Coursed Stone
  • Rubble Walling
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Stone Indenting
  • Stone Paving
  • Lime Mortar
  • Grouting
  • New Build
  • Re-pointing
  • Lime rendering
  • Lime plastering

All works considered, please call or email us and we would be happy to come and view your proposed work to provide you with a free estimate.

Stone & Decor are highly experienced in many aspects of stonemasonry from building boundary walls, chimney repairs, stone paving, small repairs, to conservation and restoration work.


Working with period properties is our speciality as well as listed buildings, churches and public buildings. We have worked with HRH Princes Trust, National Lottery Fund, Historic Scotland and English Heritage

Kinnordy Observatory Restoration Project

These beautiful lichen covered ashlar castellations around the rooftop walkway belonging to Kinnordy Observatory were repointed using lime mortars also a number of the castellation cap stones were repaired and re-bedded.

Kinnordy Observatory belonging to Kinnordy House sits in the walled garden which was part of a renovation project. We worked on the renovation of the observatory tower castellations using traditional lime mortar.



Grouting & Repointing To Edinburgh Residential Georgian Property

The above pictures show how we used clay moulds to carry out grouting for fine ashlar work that was required for this georgian property in Edinburgh.

The vertical masonry joints had deteriorated and over the course of time water had eroded the mortar away leaving the building susceptible to water ingress. The joints were too narrow to carry out adequate repointing.

St Marks Church, Portobello Edinburgh, Rebuild, Repair, and Consolidation of Boundary Walls

The boundary wall of St Marks Church in Portobello, had become unstable and was partly taken down and rebuilt using a lime mortar.

Exterior boundary wall adjacent to public footpath of St Marks Church in Portobello.


"We can carry out sensitive work including re-setting gravestones such as this project funded by the national lottery for St Marks Church Portobello."





It is important to use Lime mortars in older buildings to ensure the integrity of the structure. Lime based mortars will allow the structures to breathe and move therefore lessening the likelihood of cracks and shrinkage of mortar. Lime gives a more stable and longer lasting bond to stonework compared to cement which is not as compatible with stone. Lime has traditionally been used for centuries and was used as far back as the Romans where they used it to make a form of concrete by mixing lime with volcanic ash.


It is essential to understand the curing characteristics and aftercare required for successful setting of lime mortars which we are fully trained in.


Lime re-pointing to ashlar Stonework at Dumfries Estate, Dumfries Coach House.

For more information please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss any of your requirements.

We have trained with the Scottish Lime Centre who has approved our endorsement and the usage of their logo on our website.

Carrying out repointing where mortar had failed and re-bedding of roof coping stone which client wanted repaired rather than replaced.


Lookng down onto a stone coping of a slated roof. The coping stone had become loose and was coming away. We created a steel support to fix to the existing stone then applied a thick bed of lime mortar to re bed the coping stone.

Coping stones in place .


One of our professional stonemasons, levelling the area, preparing the area ready to re lay the coping stones to a roof of an old stone cottage.

Stone cottage that we re-pointed, on the left of the picture you can see where we raked our the old mortar.